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The Father Beatini Memorial Award
Presented to the outstanding
Citizen of Italian extraction

Deborah R. Barbieri 2016 Father Beatini
Recipient For the St. Anthony’s Festival

St. Anthony’s bestowed their highest honor this year to Deborah R. Barbieri. Born and raised in Seneca Falls, Daughter of Anthony and Frances Estes Barbieri. Deb is the last of five girls, Alice (Rick) Tanner, Marilyn (Donald) Rhoades, Patricia (Robert) Goit, and Frances T. Barbieri. She has one nephew Mark (Lisa) Tanner, 1 great niece Wendy (Matt) Buck and 1 nephew Richard (Chelsea) Tanner, 1 great great nephew Duke R. Tanner and 1 great great niece Emma Rae Buck. She is very proud of her family.

Deb graduated from Mynderse Academy, Cayuga County Community College and The Marion S. Whelan School of Nursing. She has worked for Huntington Living Center for almost 30 years.

Deb is very active in her community. She is a member of St. Francis/St. Clare Parish; she was a Guild and Altar member, taught religion and Spanish at the catholic school. She volunteered in various capacities for Church. She is a member of SMS Aux., Catholic Daughters, Convention Days, Inc., Celebrate 98. Alzheimer Association, Heart Association, Seneca Falls Historical Society, National Women’s Hall of Fame, National Park Service, American Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, VFW, American Legion, and St. Anthony’s Festival and many other organizations.

She volunteers for the Huntington Living Center Carnival; she takes care of the patients that have no family or visitors. She provides Christmas gifts, Birthday presents or just makes sure that have what they need to lift their spirits. Debbie loves dressing up for all occasions at the Nursing home. She goes from floor to floor in her crazy outfits making the resident laugh at her wild antics and clothes.

Deb Barbieri is a very special person. She will help anyone who asks. She makes sure the older people in our area get meals, blood pressure taken help at the store or any other thing they may need. She shops for some, pay bills, helps with their check books and drives them to the doctor or test.

Debbie has been like this all her life. She has escorted for the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. She has gone to the airport for several organizations including. “It’s A Wonderful Life” and the Historical Society. Deb was vice-president of Celebrate ’98. She is the perfect volunteer. In Deb’s spare time she takes in rescue animals. We now have, I mini pony, 5 alpacas, and two goats. She feeds waters and takes care of all their expenses including quarterly vet visit and monthly shot for the alpacas. She has donated to several publications of the Historical Society. She also donates to items that fall out of several organizations budgets.

President Karen Burlingame says it is an honor to award the Father Beatini to such a deserving candidate. Deborah will join a long distinguished list of previous winner. She gives of her time, talent and money. There is no one finer for this award. She will be the fourth female to receive the award and the first sisters to ever receive this honor.

Previous winners include the Sandroni Family, Anthony Marconi, Senator Michael Nozzolio, Vince Carpaccio, Joyce Sinicropi, Anglo Bonafiglia, Philomena Cammuso and Bart Carbone. The first recipient was Vincent Colella

Everyone is invited to attend the Mass, Sunday, September 4, 2016 at St.Patricks Church, 11:00AM. There is a continental breakfast served at Rumseyville Sports Men’s Club at 9:30 AM before a procession to the Church. Everyone is invited to this free event.

In grateful recognition and appreciation for contributions to community service and religious activities and for furthering the Italian culture and heritage within our community.

Presented with pride by
the St. Anthony Italian Festival Commission

2016 - Deborah R. Barberi
2015 - Louis Rizzieri
2014 - Michael Scaglione
2013 - Vincent Caraccilo
2012 - Joseph Capacci
2011 - Joseph Perdicho
2010 - Mark Sinicropi
2009 - Bart Carbone
2008 - Vito Ceo
2007 - Angelo & Laura Sandroni Family
2006 - Vince Sinicropi
2005 - Patrick Bonacci
2004 - Gerald Macaluso
2003 - Italian People of Seneca Falls
2002 - Anthony Marconi
2001 - Philomena Cammuso
2000 - Albert Capacci
1999 - Ralph Sinicropi
1998 - Frank Paradise
1997 - Ronald Sandroni
1996 - Angelo Romeo
1995 - Robert Bellomo
1994 - Frances T. Barbieri
1993 - Nicola Netti
1992 - Richard Ricci
1991 - August Sinicropi
1990 - Joyce Sinicropi
1989 - Senator Michael F. Nozzolio
1988 - Daniel DePasquale
1987 - Matthew Bonacci / Matthew Feola
1986 - Frank Saracino
1985 - Nicholas Midey, Sr.
1984 - Angelo Bonafiglia
1983 - Angelo Suffredini
1982 - August Orlando
1981 - Vincent Colella

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